About Me

About Me

Wedding Photographer Malta

I am Jeremy John Chircop and I was born on 04 December 1991 on the picturesque island of Malta. I was introduced to photography at a young age of 13, by being chosen as an assistant to a wedding photographer, becoming hooked instantly. At first, because of my young age, I was driven to wedding photography because of the excitement of the whole process. The air buzzing with expectation, people laughing and talking, toasting the couple, the sound of glasses clicking together, the music. Such a sensory overload provided an incredibly stimulating and somewhat challenging work environment, perfect for a young wedding photographer to learn the ropes of the job.

While that still is the case, wedding photography has obtained another dimension for me over time. I became fascinated with the possibilities of the medium in such circumstances. Not only does it allow for boundless creativity, which results in striking, eye-catching images, but it also breaks the constrains set before the photographer by the dimensions of printing paper or pixel count. Wedding photography can, whether through a series of images or just a single one, convey emotion shared by the newlyweds, where every smile, a knowing look is a story in itself. It can also capture the atmosphere of the wedding, the joy and happiness, while at the same time providing a look from a different perspective.

Perhaps the reason why wedding photography is such a specific medium, is that it works best when shared with other people. A single image can be seen in many different ways by the person looking at it, taking on a multitude of different meanings and creating a broad spectrum of diverse interpretations. We’re all familiar with the story that members of some cultures refuse to have their picture taken, believing it will steal their soul. Fortunately, that is not true. In fact, I think it’s absolutely the opposite. Not only will it not steal, but it will enrich your soul, and the joy captured in those images does not get divided. It gets multiplied, growing into something much bigger, becoming almost a living, breathing thing.

But, that’s just the icing on the cake. In order to get there and become a professional photographer, one has to put in a lot of hard work and build good foundations. Luckily, I’ve been taught by great photographers – Kevin Casha and Ramon Sammut, which was an invaluable experience. I eventually invested in my own equipment, which in turn led me to shooting wedding parties, and various small scale events. I continued working and honing my skills until I was able to open up my own business, and that’s when things started taking off. Now I own a fully equipped studio for wedding photography, located in Paola, Malta, using top-of-the-line Nikon full frame cameras, lenses and flashes, Bowens lighting and Mac computers, along with impeccable back-up systems, so that your photos are always safe.

I recently became an Adobe certified expert in Adobe Photoshop CS6, which makes me up to standard with the latest and best photo editing software. In 2013, I got my licentiateship in photography with the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers in the UK, which requires wedding photographers to be in full control of the medium, including camera technique, lighting and the final production of the finished image, which is especially important because most wedding photographers fail at that last hurdle. The photographer is also expected to be in control of the subjects in the photograph, making sure that they are displayed in the right manner. I am proud to say that I am one of the youngest professional photographers to have that qualification.

Weddings can become a tricky affair, so in order to set your mind at ease, we always have a wedding assistant present during all weddings to make sure everything goes smoothly and without a hitch, with none of the small details going overlooked. Now, all of that wouldn’t mean a thing without offering professional customer service and high quality images, which, of course, are my ultimate goal. Excellent client communication is imperative in the business, and I always make sure to accommodate the client’s needs and meet their requirements.