What is InstaPrint?
InstaPrint is InstaSelfie’s big brother. It’s a system where we provide your beloved guests with a photo of them against a backdrop. Yes, WE will provide you one of our two wedding-themed backdrops to use. We will set up a full studio lighting system to ensure crisp quality photos for guests to cherish! Given we use standard sized photos, framing them is not an issue! Rest assured that photos are printed using the latest technology to ensure crisp colors and fast printing results!

What’s Special About InstaPrint?
InstaPrint is not just a print. It’s much more than that. We present your guest the photo in a fully customized envelope. Thanks to our designer we will create a customized wedding logo for you, after which we will design and print the envelopes. Envelopes can also have your own thank you message!

InstaPrint is a great add on to any wedding! The photos can either replace the traditional souvenir or just be used as a fun booth, with one small difference than the traditional photobooth : The photo size is twice as large!

Want to see it in action? Contact us today for a free trial at our studio!