Why choose us?

Why choose us?

Your wedding should be a moment you will remember for the rest of your life, an event that is symbolic of your love for each other. It should be about you and you alone. And  the best part is yet to come, with your wedding being an introduction to happily spending the rest of your lives together, kind of like a great trailer to an even better movie, in which you are the stars. But, even the stars need a little help from the people behind the camera, who make sure their stellar performances are immortalized on film, capturing all the soul and hard work that goes into it.

JJ Chircop will make your every idea come to life. Going far beyond the confines of  conventional photography, he will provide you with imaginative and timeless images, and, at the same time, creating a naturally pleasant and fun environment, which allows you to feel relaxed. With JJ Chircop Photography, you won’t have to worry about a single precious moment going unnoticed. JJ Chircop is the finest and most trusted professional wedding photographer in Malta. Outstanding qualifications, passion, accompanied by the using the very best cameras, lenses, lighting and equipment all help to capture the magic that cannot be put into words. Our job is to create a time capsule of sorts, represented by creative images, which help remind you of that special day and the feelings you have for each other, still instensive and vibrant just like the colors in the photograph.

Now, wedding photography can become a tricky affair, with countless guest, the air buzzing with excitement and the sound of their laughter, and having a camera pointed at you the whole time can be a bit discomforting. But don’t worry, a good wedding photographer knows he must never get in the way, and you won’t even know we’re there, until you have a look at the beautiful images that we have created for you.

So when it comes to wedding photography in Malta, you can rest assured that your moments of love and joy will be safe in our hands, and we always a wedding assistant with JJ Chircop during all weddings to make sure everything goes smoothly and without a hitch, with none of the small details going overlooked. We offer pre-wedding consultations, where we decide on the type of photographs, and you can choose from a variety of candid, posed, classical and traditional shots.

Our great backup systems will make sure that all of your photos are safe.  Keep in mind that we only accept a limited number of wedding, as JJ Chircop personally works with all the clients and makes sure that they get their time and best service possible. We also offer a multitude of different wedding packages, so you can choose one which suits your needs best. These include CD only packages, prints only, or a modern wedding album. Our creativity is matched only by our professional standards, which guarantee we will send you the images in 2 days only.  For more information please visit our Packages Page.