There is an old poem that is said to be good luck to the bride for a wedding – Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue, And a silver sixpence in her shoe  This is said to bring good luck on a day when there is so much happening in a moment’s time – Read more ..

Wedding is the most special day of your life because it symbolizes the onset of a lifelong adventure with your partner. You should make it extraordinary rather than making it just anything. This blog of mine will show you certain unique ideas that will fill up the special moment with joy. Why should you let Read more ..

Wedding is a moment that comes in our life for a single time and thus every couple wants to gather as many memories from it as possible. We all want to store the images of our good moments in the form so that we can recall them whenever we like it to do it. To Read more ..

All of the hard work that you have put in to planning your big day becomes a reality when you are standing in front of your beloved family and friends, making a promise to the man of your dreams. This is the moment that you have been working towards for the last few weeks, months Read more ..

The members of your wedding party are an integral part of your wedding. You’ve spent many moments planning your wedding with those women, while they listened intently to you. They pored over bridal magazines with you; they went to various appointments to taste the caterer’s food, or to meet with the florist to give their Read more ..

Wedding is an event of a single day but the impact of that single day lasts for our entire lifetime. These are the most cherished moments of our life and the best way to trap their memories is, by capturing them in a wedding album. The memories that were captured on that one single day Read more ..

The biggest aim of any wedding photographer is to capture the best photographs but that does not imply that the photographs should only depict good looks. Photographs can do things better than simply capturing the clothes, the makeup, the eateries on a wedding party. Wedding photographers must not believe that the photographs that they are Read more ..

In today’s modern world, people are so busy that they need something or the other thing to capture their emotions and happy moments. People lives are filled with various kinds of occasions and moments. Wedding is one of those occasions which only comes hopefully once in a lifetime. As a result, people do not want Read more ..

Wedding photography is becoming very popular all around the world. It is a perfect way to capture feelings and happy moments of life. Not everyone will be able to capture the moments as a professional photographer does it. These professional photographers use high definition camera in order to capture life one of memorable moments such Read more ..

A young person was introduced to photography at the age of 13. He became an assistant to a wedding photographer. Today, he is a well-known UK qualified wedding photographer in Malta. There are two aspects required to become a professional photographer. These are an eye for detail and the dedication to put in long hours. Read more ..