Post written by : JJ Chircop

We often wonder what importance does a nuptial bond hold in our lives and feel why we just cannot spend our lifetime without a partner. There are many who are still oblivious to the significance of weddings, particularly youth. Before marriage, we lead an aimless life similar to that of a nomad. Marriage brings stability, Read more ..

Wedding solemnization is a day’s affair, but undeniably, it is a forever bond to be cherished and celebrated during all the vicissitudes of life. Even the minute details are so grossly engraved in one’s memory that it seems as if it happened yesterday. From bachelorette party to rehearsal dinner, from wedding to reception bash, every Read more ..

A wedding is the most pious institution, in which two hearts conjoin each other for an ever-lasting bond which even death cannot break.  To have this sacred bond captured forever, JJ Chircop does a wonderful job through photography, which even after a prolonged passage of time, remains afresh. When choosing JJ Chircop to capture your special day, within forty-eight Read more ..

Your wedding is the most sacred institution celebrated on earth that begins when two souls from different backgrounds, submerged deep in love, come together and vow lifetime support and commitment to each other. Because it is the onset of a new partnership, it is preceded and succeeded by various ceremonies and  functions to mark the Read more ..

The D-Day, a Big, Fat, Grand D-Day! There is no denying that the day of wedlock is the most anticipated event of one’s life. The prospects of larger-than-life nuptial ceremony keep everyone on the toes, especially the bride and the groom, who are full of beans, splurge thousands of euro to make it legendary. A Read more ..

The wedding day is the day when every bride wants to look and feel like the most beautiful girl on the planet. She may not portray this wish of hers directly, but every photographer knows how important it is to capture her special day. In this way, they can gain huge popularity in the field of Read more ..

There is an old poem that is said to be good luck to the bride for a wedding – Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue, And a silver sixpence in her shoe  This is said to bring good luck on a day when there is so much happening in a moment’s time – Read more ..

Wedding is the most special day of your life because it symbolizes the onset of a lifelong adventure with your partner. You should make it extraordinary rather than making it just anything. This blog of mine will show you certain unique ideas that will fill up the special moment with joy. Why should you let Read more ..

Wedding is a moment that comes in our life for a single time and thus every couple wants to gather as many memories from it as possible. We all want to store the images of our good moments in the form so that we can recall them whenever we like it to do it. To Read more ..

All of the hard work that you have put in to planning your big day becomes a reality when you are standing in front of your beloved family and friends, making a promise to the man of your dreams. This is the moment that you have been working towards for the last few weeks, months Read more ..